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Sophie May

Smay – In her own words ‘I just wouldn’t be me without a groovy 70s maxi skirt’. Armed with, yet again, her grandma’s handmade crochet bag, our Smay is totally channeling her inner Stevie Nicks, laced in colourful pieces of fabric, reminiscent of the bohemian vibe of the seventies. A black, lace shirt is paired with the skirt to give the look a gothic edge, however still maintaining the floaty, hippy style of the decade she wishes she’d been alive in.

Things I can’t live without: ‘My wooden bangles that I picked up in a chazza for 50p.’


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Georgia – Still managing to look as fabulous as ever, in her own words ‘the pic is a bit naff, I’ve had a few cocktails, don’t hate me… But do you all like my Hawaiian Barbie doll look??!’ Pretty in pink, Georgia teams her cerise vintage dress with bright, vibrant flowers and, oddly, a pair of wonkily adjusted socks that she won in a raffle. With big, bouffant hair and her trademark pink lippy, Georgia looks set to jive the night away.

Things I can’t live without: ‘My love heart knee high socks – sometimes when you work from home you just need to look ridiculous to get creative!’

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Katie – She’s still got the Glasto blues, so she’s bringing the festival to her. Dreaming of glitter and flower crowns, in her own words: ‘I’m feeling like a merry festival fairy!’ Us Northernettes have eyes like hawks when we enter a chazza and Katie proves this quite groovily with her vintage gypsy skirt that she found in Oxfam. She matches the skirt with a vintage lace crop from her own store and a seventies style floppy hat to give the look a strike of elegance.

Things I can’t live without: ‘My floppy hat, it’s as crazy as me!’

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