Northernettes-Katie-BenbowShe fell asleep and got lost in wonderland…. Then woke up and reached straight for her eyeliner. Katie, or ‘KT’ likes to make a statement – and in her eyes, the more dramatic the better!  You’ll never catch her without her trademark 60s flicks and her dreamy mascara laden eyelashes, all of which harmonise with her innovative and inquisitive personality.

Katie’s makeup process revolves around the dramatization of her eyes, leaving the rest of her face fairly neutral, in order to capture the striking and sultry image she likes to portray. Her porcelain skin creates a perfect canvas for her desired look, with a hint of blush placed subtly on her cheeks, accentuating her natural prominent cheekbones.

Our free spirited hippy Northernette likes to experiment with different lip colours, opting for shades that will coincide with her mood, but also something that will complement her (probably home-made) outfits. She can be seen sporting a wide variety of colours from across the spectrum… maybe a hint of bohemian brown or a classic Audrey red or a cute 60s pink – whatever the colour, she’s not averse to a change. This is what makes our Katie Kat so cool and quirky.

Essential items:

False eyelashes – the bigger the better!

Liquid eyeliner – for the dazzling winged eyeliner

Mac foundation – for the porcelain canvas to work from


Northernettes-Sophie-May-WilliamsShe wears flowers in December and boots all summer long –  Sophie’s makeup style depicts her love for individuality and artistry. She paints her face as if painting a picture, making sure her black winged eyeliner is perfectly symmetrical and her oxblood lipstick isn’t smudged.

Sophie loves to embrace her naturally pale skin tone, using ivory coloured foundations to emphasise her Celtic complexion, and opting for dark eyes and dark lips to exaggerate this feature. She will never leave the house unless her Ronnie Spector eyeliner is razor sharp.

Sophie’s makeup process revolves around the contrast of her pale skin and dark eyes, leading to the magnification of her eye makeup and darker lip colour choices. Only a thin layer of foundation is used, and not applied all over the face. It is used mainly to cover blemishes and similar in style to that of Ana Kras, leaving her with a more natural skin tone so as not to overwhelm the look and compete with the heavier eyes and lips.

Our Woodstock, folk lovin’ Northernette opts for dark reds and brown lip colour choices to accompany her 60s and 70s boho fashion vibe.

Essential items:

Dark red/brown lipsticks – achieve the autumnal/boho vibe  – (favourite – Besame Noir Red)

Black liquid eyeliner – get the sultry winged eyeliner


Northernettes-Georgia-HarrupHallelujah, we just love her so! Our cheeky, chatty Georgia is definitely the girly girl of the group and this comes across massively in her makeup choices. She’s never without her trusty pink lippy, a colour reminiscent of the 1950s, the era Georgia clearly would have thrived in.

Unlike the other girls, our Georgia Peach prefers minimal eye makeup, maybe applying a hint of eyeshadow but not so as to divert the attention from her super cute Dior glasses that set her apart from the crowd. Georgia can’t live without her selection of vintage lipsticks, perhaps possessing almost every shade of pink known to man!

Our 50s lovin Raylette Northernette tends to take on a more natural makeup style.  She applies a softer mascara on her long, luscious eyelashes, a delicate rosy pink blush and a carefully administered thin layer of foundation. For Georgia it’s all about the pureness, to let the natural beauty shine through, much like her genuine, giggly personality – having said this though, there’s no way she’d leave the house without sporting some sort of pink – it would be a crime to man!

Essential items:

Besame lipstick in American Beauty! – favourite lippy but a pink lippy is a must (in case you hadn’t already gathered)

Soap & Glory Smoulder Khol.


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